A cover reveal, finally!

It’s been a long process. There were setbacks. There were doubts. But we made it. Finally. The newest Writing Wenches Anthology is due out on Sept 5th, and we have the cover! Hopefully you’ve been watching all the other reveals today, so you saw it barely revealed on Sheri William’s blog, and then it slowly got more and more uncovered as you hit on A. E. Snow and Danielle Donaldson and the rest of the authors involved. And now here we are. And you want to see it right? I know you do.


It’s a beautiful cover isn’t it? It is. Grace Ravel did a brilliant job. (And just in case you want to preorder your own copy, all you have to do is click on that lovely cover and you’ll be ferreted straight to amazon to do so. Don’t you love technology?)

And since I’m in a giving mood, how about the blurb? Cause you want to know what the stories are about, don’t you?

It’s an age old story; you start as friends but end up lovers. There’s just something about the trope that we readers love to read, and we writers love to write.

That is why for our new anthology, The Writing Wenches bring you a whole book of short stories that follow the friends to lovers path.

We have sweet stories and spicy stories, and everything in between. Though these are not just any romance shorts, when given our theme, many of us went quirky. We ended up with nine authors guaranteed to make you fall in love with their new characters and their quirky styles.

As an aside, to celebrate the preorder availability and the cover reveal, we have set up a rafflecopter giveaway. You should totally sign up for it, you might win a $25 Amazon gift card!

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