A Safe Place to Write

A Safe PLace To WriteEvery writer needs a safe place to write. I feel very lucky to have found mine in the #Writingwenches

A place where encouragement is given. Where people cheer you on and celebrate your victories. An environment full of give and take, where you learn and also teach. A place where you can ask for help when you are struggling with writer’s block. A place you can ask a question about POV’s and the dreaded comma. Where you can get tips and give suggestions on marketing, self publishing vs trade publishing, how to write a query letter, what tech apps and tools are the latest and greatest for writers, and get help with social media.

A safe place to vent when you come across the not-so-nice writer who puts you down. A safe place to vent when you get a rejection letter, or have doubts about your writing or are just having a bad day.

And yes, you can even ask the question everyone is wondering…

“What is dino porn?”

…and no one thinks you are stupid. They give helpful tips and suggestions. They offer to beta read and critique your work, without crushing your soul.

People who make you laugh and who laugh with you and will give you a virtual hug or high five when you need it. They share in their milestones; the first print copy of their book arriving, their first good review, their first bad review, kids starting school, anniversaries and the birth of a new baby in the family.

They never boast they know more than you, are better than you, or have more experience than you. All of my wenches have different levels of experience and education. There are those with degrees and those without. We have trade published writers, and self published writers. We have members who have been writing since they were children, others who just published their first book and others who are just starting out. We have marketing experts and editors and others who are just learning how to use social media.

We have members who live all over the world, from completely different back rounds and belief structures, and we all genuinely like each other.

And even though we are the wenches, we are not all women.

No judgie comments or backhanded compliments here. No I am right and you are wrong. We will have none of it.

Here we are all in the love zone. Yes, a little hippy love vibe inspired by authors who write and laugh, who are silly and let their freak flags fly. Writers who drink wine and whiskey and are happy to know and interact and learn from each other.

This is my kinda place, my safe place. I really hope you find yours.

Cheers to us Wenches!

Jennifer Senhaji signing off.

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  1. Ah, NaNoWriMo! I wish I could do it. I know that half of the whole point of it is committing yoeruslf, but I can’t imagine how I possibly can. Maybe a half NaNoWriMo would be more within my reach. Again, I know I could probably set that as a goal for myself, but I think the other key half of NaNoWriMo is having a large community there doing it with you.Good luck to those who are taking part!.-= Mazilb4s latest blog post is =-.On Twitter: @

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