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Today, it is my great honor and privilege to interview the extremely awesome, Sheri Williams, my friend, fellow Writing Wench, and author. Sheri is one of the first authors I met and we clicked immediately. I am showcasing her and her work this weekend because even though she is a busy mother of two beautiful girls, has time to support and help all our wenches, she has still amazingly found time to publish several books. I am a big fan of her work.

JS-Sheri, thank you so much for joining us today.

SW-Thank you, Jennifer.

And here we go.

JS-Question 1. Can you tell our readers a little about yourself?

SW-Hi, I am a stay at home mom. A dreamer, a hopeless romantic, a giant nerd, a Yankee living in the south.  I love my family, and books, and cheesy action movies.

JS-Question 2. What genre do you write and why?

SW-I write all forms of romance, from the sweet to the sexy. I am also planning on dabbling in some scifi/fantasy-esq YA under a pen name.

JS-Question 3. What is different about your writing style?

SW-I hope that you can tell me apart from other writers. I write with a good bit of humor and sarcasm. I tend to always put a nod to my geekiness in my stories, whether it be a Doctor Who reference or naming a character after my favorite British DI.

JS-Question 4. When did you start writing?

SW-I’ve always written. Crappy poetry as a teen, short snippets as a young adult, I just gave myself the go ahead to take it seriously in the past few years.

JS-Question 5. What books have you published?

SW-Whew, here goes, I accidentally overwhelmed the market in the past few weeks with three releases and another one coming very soon.

Mad Magic, The Untold Story of the Mad Hatter, a novel

Mad Magic Cover by SW

Here is the blurb from Mad Magic:

This is not your mother’s Wonderland.
What happens when you take a beloved children’s book character, give him a back story and a provocative demeanor, and update him to the 21st century? You get a thoroughly charismatic Mad Hatter that goes well beyond what Lewis Carroll ever imagined.
When Addy meets a mysterious man, literally from her dreams, she thinks she is doing a good deed by taking care of him, but, in the end, who is saving whom? In the fight to save Wonderland, Addy not only discovers a world that exists beneath her own, but the secrets within her as well.  Available now on Amazon.

JS-Side Note-Her novel, Mad Magic, is one of the best and most entertaining books I’ve ever read. Loved it!
Numb, a holiday short featured in Unwrapping Love

Writing Wenches Cover

Here is the blurb from Numb, a romantic holiday short featured in Unwrapping Love:

What do you get when you mix a tattoo artist with a wild streak and a businessman who’s life has been ripped out from under him? If you add in a Christmas party and one drink too many then you get Numb. Johan is trying to bring some feeling to his life and in the course he meets and falls for Marnie, a tattoo artist who lives life with no brakes. Available now on Amazon as part of Unwrapping Love.

JS-Side Note-Unwrapping Love, is the new bestselling Writing Wenches Holiday Anthology. Sheri’s story Numb is one of the romantic shorts with the steamiest rating.

Crisis of Love, a Pick-Your-Path Romance

Crisis of Love Cover by SW

 Here is the blurb for Crisis of Love:

Discovering her husband of 12 years has been visiting a stripper named Candy, will she try to rekindle the passion, or make an even bolder choice?  Available now on Amazon.

JS-Side Note-Crisis of Love is a pick-your-own-path romance, just like those children stories where you could make choices about where the characters will go and see where that story line takes you. I had never read anything like this before and absolutely loved it. I ended up reading all the different story lines.

JS-Wow! I just, wow. This is amazing Sheri. Which leads me to my next question.

JS-Question 6. How is it possible for one person to publish four books in one month? How did you get through it?

SW-Um, that is a good question. Especially because it was totally not planned this way. I got through it, am getting through it with a ton of support from my amazing husband, with a bunch of help from my CP Eric, who is a gem, and with lots of laughter, tears and cheering on by The Wenches, group of people unparalleled on this planet. They keep me sane.

JS-Question 7. What are you reading right now?

SW-Right now I am reading the most recent episodes of The Avoidables by one of the wenches, Rachel Medhurst. Then it is on to Covert by another one of the wenches, G.K. Moore. It’s all about supporting each other.

JS-Question 8. What are you working on next?

SW-I started working on my second novel, tentatively named The Memory of the Hunt, during NaNO, but I put it aside for a while. I had planned a whole month off from writing, just me and a few books, but I might be breaking my own vacation to work on the short for the second wenches anthology.

JS-Question 9. Tell us something funny about yourself?

SW-Um…funny…hmmm….I prefer my hair to be blue. I still wish I could grow up to be Rainbow Brite. I think peanut butter and fluff is the height of fancy cuisine…

JS-Question 10. Do you use experiences from your own life in your writing or does it all come from your imagination?

SW-It mostly comes from the top of my head. But I will admit that I do sometimes write about things that my husband tells me about his work, places he finds, things like that. And my personality definitely comes out in my writing. So, I hope people like it.

JS-I am very sure they will. Thank you, Sheri, for taking some time out of your I-don’t-know-how-you-do-it schedule to talk.

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Sheri Williams Author Pic

Feel free to leave comments or questions for Sheri. Happy Reading.


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