Behind the Scenes

Behind the ScenesWant a peek behind the curtain? Of course you do. Here’s a little insight on what it’s like to be a Writing Wench.

  • We write- This you may think is obvious, but sometimes it’s difficult with all the blogging, editing, beta reading, and social media to actually get to our WIPs, but we do. By the way, contrary to what you might think based on the photo and our name, WIP stands for Work In Progress, not whip.
  • We blow off steam- We vent to each other. It’s known as the Safe Space Vent. Could be about writing, writers block, our partner getting on our nerves, kids issues, day job issues, stress in general. You name it. We vent.
  • We support- After the venting we support each other, give advice and usually gift each other with sexy pictures found on Pinterest or other such sites. Yes, Pinterest is not just for research, it’s also for gifting rock hard abs when you are feeling blue.
  • We mentor- Each of us is in different stages of our writing career and all of us have something to offer the others. If we are stuck on a certain phrase or scene, we will ask the group for insight. Could be on writing, editing, formatting, marketing, you name it.
  • We ask- Ask and you shall receive from editing tips to formatting tricks to where to get the best royalty free photos.
  • We talk about sex- A lot. This is also…er…research. Yeah, but seriously we will poll the wenches to see what they feel about of certain scene we are contemplating. Is it too risqué (almost always the answer is no). Does it fit our classification (YA, NA, Romance, Erotica). Does it defy the laws of physics or gravity? Is it realistic? Have we tried it in real life?
  • We help- All of us are working on a project of some sort. At some point we all need beta readers and people that will help market our finished work. The great thing about the Wenches, we can critique or beta or help proofread each others work. There is always a volunteer with a hand up. Yep good old fashioned team work. It makes the dream work.
  • We celebrate- Birthdays, book releases, marriage, children, we celebrate and cheer each other on. That’s what friends are for. To lift you up.
  • We work really hard- Most of us have a full time day job or kids or both. And writing is done in the very little spare time we make or find. I am not aware of anyone who is currently working as a stripper or who lounges in lingerie, but I know we do have a couple of wenches who used to work in the toy and telephone operator business. Which is so cool cuz I’m not talking about FAO Schwartz or AT&T.

Be that as it may, do we get in our nighties and throw pillows at each other? No. There are only a very few who actually live close enough to one another to get together for coffee or wine. We have, however, been discussing a wench retreat almost since inception. Believe me, if it ever happens….when it happens, I will be there with wine, books and pens. Fangirling for autographs. Cuz yeah, the Writing Wenches are rock stars.

What do you want to know about the Writing Wenches? Have a question? Post it here.

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