Birthday musings

I wasn’t going to blog today, until I woke up to a alert on my phone reminding me that today was my day to blog for my beloved Writing Wenches. Now, I know some of you who might follow us, might be waiting for my bit of the three way, but that’s not today. Poor Simko has to go next, and then I’ll be bringing Serenity back. Until then you’ll just have to settle for me going on and on about my birthday.

You see, with my it being so close to Christmas and all my birthday has been not that important in the grand scheme of things.  I don’t mind much, not really, but this year it’s been great. I woke up to a crap ton of fb posts from all over the world. I got coffee and breakfast in bed from my hubs, which I then had to keep my dogs nose out of, and then I got cuddle monsters in the bed. Lots of giggling and screaming not to spill the coffee, it was perfect.

This nose, how do you not give in to her? She of course got a bite of eggs 🙂



So, I guess that’s it really. I’m off to play video games and make ornaments with my girls. To hang out with my hubs. Maybe even read a bit without being interrupted. (a girl can dream right?)

Oh and Merry Christmas!!!!

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