Book Review: SImmering by S.E. Rise

**There be a swear in this post. If you must, look away now**

Today I’ll be reviewing an erotic thriller written by a man. Yes! You heard that right, a erotic story written by a man. This may very well be the most rare and exotic of all the stories out there in the wild.

10420352_10206332505782196_7115239375135761285_nThis is S.E.Rise (no that’s not his real name, it’s a pen name, I know his real name but I’m not telling….)

I met the author through a mutual publisher, Booktrope, and we became buddies. He’s a super cool dude, and like my husband, a firefighter. Which of course is the lead in to the book.

This book is let me tell you….sexy. It’s about firefighters, I think I already said that (I’m partial) and about an author and the lengths she will go to to get her story.

I’m leery to give away too much, I am not a fan of spoilers in book reviews.  So here I’ll just, O Captain, My Captain (lol, there was great use of that in this book).

Okay, enough being silly, here’s my review. 8/10 or in GR and Amazon numbers 4/5

This was a great book. I loved a great many things about it. I liked the way it was set up and the way the stories were interspersed in the main narrative. I loved the FMC and the MMC. The supporting cast was great as well. I also really appreciated how accurate the details of the fire station were, must be a perk there somewhere.

I quite enjoyed the sarcastic tone, and I was surprisingly pleased at how well a guy could write a woman. A hyper sexual woman, but still pretty spot on.

Also, three things I loved: deviltry (awesome word), the use of Alabama in one of the stories, and fan-fucking-tastic (favorite descriptive word ever)

Okay, and for the downside, I was not a huge fan of the voices. Every time Mom and Grandma showed up I was pulled out of the story. That might just be me so don’t let that stop you from reading this story. It’s great. I promise


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