Book Review: The Author Training Manual


by Allison Winfield

Do you make excuses why you can’t/don’t write? Well it is time to stop!! The Author Training Manual by Nina Amir will show you how.

Thanks to amazon, anyone can publish a book nowadays. But how many of those published authors actually make money with those published books?

That’s where this book comes in!! This books helps authors develop marketable ideas, craft books that sell, become the author that publishers want, and self publish effectively!!

Whether you want to see your book published by a traditional publishing company or plan to self publish, this book will help you reach your dreams.

I love to read and have read lots of books about writing and publishing. Some are awesome ( On Writing by Stephen King and Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott) and some are horrible. Most are outdated and don’t mention self publishing.  The Author Training Manual is awesome!!

Most writing books don’t actually give you ways to improve yourself. This book does. It has steps to follow and things to think about to make sure you are at your best.

You always hear authors say read a lot and write a lot. But Amir actually explains why you need to. (Make sure to check out her guest post about tenacity!!)

All of the things I struggle with as a writer were addressed and solutions to overcome them was given!!

The NYT says that 81% of the country wants to write a book. Well if that includes you, you NEED to read the book to ensure you are one of the successful authors!!

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