Book Review – The Berkshire Lady

I was offered this book for review in a group I am a part of that supports indie authors. Now I am all about supporting others so I jumped at the chance to leave a review for a book from another indie author. So without further ado, I give you my four star review for The Berkshire Lady by Amelia Treader. Available at Amazon. (just click on the title. easy peasy)

This was a good book. A little bit regency romance, a little bit paranormal, and a great deal of fun. I was given this as a cold read, no info at all aside form the name, and that’s probably a good thing as I’m mostly run down on regency romance. So the fact that I wouldn’t have picked this up on my own worked great for me. Pleasantly surprised I was. The characters were well executed and the scenery was well described. It didn’t hurt that the main character, eccentric Francis, was a total bad ass with a penchant for sword fights. Plus, I really loved Susan. And the twist. Let me not forget to mention the twist. I so did not see it coming and that was what made it work so well.

The only thing stopping this from being a five star from me, was the length. I could have read a good bit more, and there were a few spots were it was abrupt. Like a unfinished thought. Other than that, this was a good book that I am glad to have gotten the chance to read.

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