Book Review: The Resort by Tami Lund


By: Kay Blake

 After weeks of adding tons of new books to my kindle, I finally had enough time to sit down, kick up my feet and read. I decided to read the first book that was on the top of my list. It happened to be The Resort by Tami Lund. It’s a contemporary romance with suspense and enough wit to keep you hooked.  I was drawn immediately by the endearing Allison as she tried to get into the private elite of The Resort. I automatically sided with her reasoning as I believe there is always a little mischief in every girl.
Allison meets the very handsome Carter and I could see the sparks and chemistry from their first meeting. Carter appears to be this serious but nonchalant type of man and Allison is the young woman who always seem to have trouble always knocking at her doorstep. He also happens to be the head of security at the resort.
Allison happens to befriend one of the guests by the name of Bree. Two girls who though they have very different lifestyles bond during the weeks time. The problem is Bree has death threats coming her way and that puts both girls in danger. Carter has to protect both girls while keeping his feelings for Allison at bay.
This is a recipe for a book that I could read again and again. I loved the chemistry between Carter and Allison. It wasn’t unrealistic, but hot enough to keep you wanting more. I was able to finish the book within an hour. I felt like I was right there at the resort as I saw the mishaps that were series with elements of fun unfold. I loved the description of The Resort as well as the surrounding areas. The author made it so I could picture the scenery in my head perfectly.  It had its suspense, but it didn’t take away from the romantic undertone.
I give this book five stars and I recommend you go and add it to your collection.

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