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Today I am going to talk about that dreaded moment when one of your favourite books get turned in to a movie or TV series. Yep, I´m going there, I dare to go there. Do you dare to follow me?


I have a few favourite books that have been turned into movies. Usually some parts won’t make it into the movie. Mostly the things going on in the heads of the characters but sometimes that favourite scene don´t make it either.

I am not going deep into details on the ones that been turned into movies. I will mention them and name a few things. This might be a surprise to some of my friends most of them know this though. I am going to talk about two books that have been turned into movies and one book that has been turned into a TV series.


Number 1:

Harry Potter by J.K Rowling. I love Harry Potter!! I won´t deny it and I am not embarrassed of it either! I love magic and the possibilities that magic give. One of my absolute fave scenes did not make it to the big screen. I somewhat understand why and I accept it even if I don´t like that it wasn´t included.

The fireplace scene when the Weasley´s come to pick up Harry when they are going to the Quidditch game. I love the way it is written and I would have loved to see it done. The bricks and mortar flying all over the room. Fred and George “dropping” candy while getting Harry´s trunk. Uncle Vernon blowing a fuse, or two.. Oh, the joy of seeing it on the big screen.


Number 2:

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. Yes I read the books, I watched the movies and I love them. Do I believe that vampires glitter? I don´t know. I have to get back to you about that when I meet one.. I love vampires and werewolves. The scene I am going to talk about here is not my favourite but I didn´t like that they changed it. No I am not talking about the end, even if I really didn´t like the movie end.

I am talking about the scene when Jacob and his little pack go to meet some of the boys in the other pack. This takes place in the last book of the series. Jacob go to talk to get the vampires the chance to find more blood for Bella. In the movie Jacob and his gang go to the meeting in their human form. In the book the go in their wolf form. This I can´t understand why they didn´t do “right”.


The book turned into a TV series. This one you might not be familiar with, yet. Don´t worry if you never heard of it before. There is time, it just started the first season August 9th.


Number 3: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.

First of all I have to start with saying that I am glad it was turned into a TV series and not a movie. A two or three hour movie would not make it justice. The book Outlander is the first book of a series. So far it is eight books, number eight was released this summer. Diana has started writing book nine, while writing on other projects at the same time. Okay, back to Outlander. This book has something for everyone, no matter what genre you like there is something for you in it. At this point there is just eight episodes shown, the next eight in the season will be shown next year.

So far I haven´t really missed anything from the book. There are some small things that can be annoying. Wrong type of rings on the fingers, I said it was small things, didn´t I? The way one of the ring was made, another small thing I know. One thing did bother me in the show, big time, and I know it bothered many of my friends when they watched that particular episode. It was in one of the sex scenes, there is lot of that in these books and TV show. The producer and the production team, moved one experience that happens later in the book to happen earlier. I am sorry if I sound vague but I don´t want to spoil the show for any newcomers.


I apologise for any wrong spellings. My usual editor, aka one of the other wenches’ didn´t check this one over before I published it. I am late on doing this so sorry.. Don´t let that stop you from enjoying any of the books or movies, TV shows. If you want something new to read and want to support indie authors please check our anthology. Release date is 1 dec, it will be available both as an e-book and print.



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