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bewitching desires

By Brenda Rogers

I love holiday romance anthologies. Now before you think that I’m pushing Christmas on you already, I’m not. I’m talking about Halloween, and all the delicious paranormal romance anthologies that hit the bookstores this time of year. One of these anthologies – Bewitching Desires – is my book pick of the week. Bewitching Desires gives us paranormal romances from 12 amazing authors. The best thing about this anthology is that each unique story is connected through the characters association with the same witches coven based in Savannah, Georgia. Not to mention that all the stories occur during the Samhain/Halloween season.

This anthology will have something for every paranormal romance lover – witches, ghosts, reapers, banshees, and numerous other paranormal creatures. If I was going to give it a one to five star rating, I would give it a 4.5. They only get a 4.5 because all the stories left me wanting more. I’m really hoping that these twelve authors get together again to give us another Savannah Coven Anthology next year. I’m confessing that I’m a blabbermouth and usually go on and on about things, but I don’t want to ruin Bewitching Desires for you, so I’ll just give you a little taste: To start off we have the grim reaper that runs an occult shop in Savannah with the help of the Savannah Coven’s Supreme Witch who falls in love with a rogue guardian angel and does everything she can to protect him from the powers of both Heaven and Hell; the Supreme Witch of the Savannah Coven who isn’t sure she wants the job until she almost loses it and has to fight to protect herself, her coven, and the man she loves; and a witch who creates a potion to help her boss propose to his girlfriend, only to have it backfires when he confesses his love for the potion-making witch instead. That’s just the tip of the iceberg – if you want to read more about remorseful banshees, resentful warlock brothers, and so much more – click on one of the links below and get your own copy to enjoy. Please note that you can get the Kindle version from Amazon for only $.99 – take advantage of this while you can; at that price it is a definite steal. Until next time, Happy Reading.

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