Can You Take a Step Away?

mandy 195_peDo you ever take a step away from all of the writing, editing, revising, reading, marketing, and all of the day to day business of being an author?

I have been on a mini-vacation this weekend. My family and I went to Florida to see friends and for my husband, son, and family friend to go to the Daytona 500.

I made a pact with myself not to do any writerly type work. I have been bogged down in edits and over analyzing my novel, so I left the cold and the writing behind. But even though I have been having a great time, in the back of my mind there has been this constant worry and guilt. You need to finish. You need to write. You need to figure out the plot for the next book… It really doesn’t turn off.

What about you? Can you take a step away? Can you turn off the constant need to write even for just a weekend?

Stay warm and happy writing!

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