Children by Brenda Rogers

When your children are little most of the time – unfortunately not always – their problems can be fixed with kiss and a Band-Aid. You can pretend to be their champion and that you will always be able to protect them from the evils in the world. But then they grow up and the day comes that you can’t protect them from life. You worry and stress as your child’s life seemingly falls apart; all the time knowing that it is out of your control and all you can do is be there if your child needs a shoulder to cry on. And then just as you prepare for the worse, an amazing thing happens. Your child picks themselves up and tells you that they’ve “got this.” They face their problems head on by themselves and deal with the consequences. They tell you that life is hard for them right now, but that they will get through it and be wiser and stronger for the experience. And this is the moment you realize that this isn’t your little girl/boy anymore but an independent, capable adult and you couldn’t be any prouder of them.

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