Could I Do It…?

  ‘Did yoRachelu know that there are millions of books being published every week?’

  I shook my head as I asked the question. It was a pointless question really. My friend wouldn’t have a clue how many books were being published. She was there to support me, but she wasn’t a writer herself.

  ‘That’s a lot,’ she stated.

  I wrung my hands together as my finger hovered over the click button.

  ‘Just do it,’ she whinged, pushing me gently.

  ‘What if it’s not good enough?’

  Her eyes rolled. I fought the urge to get up and pace the room. Although I had published a few books, it never got any easier. My writer’s mind tried to persuade me that I was crazy for putting another book out there. I needed to edit it more. Ask more people to read it first. Get everyone else’s opinion.

  ‘You can’t be perfect, no one can…remember that.’ My friend put her arm around my shoulders as I finally clicked the publish button. She was right. No matter how many hours I spent editing, or getting someone else to go over my work, it would never be perfect to everyone.

  ‘Sometimes you’ve just got to do something, even when you don’t feel ready.’

  The announcement on the page said that it could take up to twelve hours for my book to publish. I sighed as I sat back in the chair and crossed my arms over my chest. I doubted that I would ever feel ready to send a part of my creative self out into the world. Nothing would stop me though. Not even myself.

Rachel Medhurst is a new adult fantasy author. You can find her at

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