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I was given this book early for an honest review. I was simply blown away with this book. The very first line had me ready to read more.

We meet Alessandro and Olivia. They met when they were younger, Olivia who happens to be the daughter of Alessandro fathers mistress. Drama right?

They have a relationship that seemed like a fairy tale. Well, at least it did to me. To be protected and love with no bounds, a girl’s dream come true right?

Alessandro fills his father’s shoes and becomes the crime boss his father was. Olivia is sent away and there is no communication between the two during the time period.

Olivia is thrown back into Alessandro’s life when her life is in danger and the love that the two shared is still there as intense as it always was.

I give this story five stars. I finished this book in about forty five minutes. I was hooked and was left with wanting more.

G.K. I wish you success my fellow wench and can’t wait for book two. The waiting is killing me.

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Kay 🙂

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