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How many of you use Twitter? Facebook? Google+? I’m willing to bet most of, if not all my readers today, found this post on one of those social media forums. Great. Let’s talk about that. No? Okay what do you want to talk about?

You see, social media is a place to be social. It’s great for watching that scene you missed on Big Bang Theory when Sheldon finally tells Amy he loves her. Or for getting sucked into funny cat videos. Or for searching out inspiring photos of hot guys and gals for …er… my next book…cover. Yeah. That’s it.

But it’s more than that. A lot more.

Readers, writers, people living under a rock, also know that social media is used for advertising. A lot of advertising. These companies aren’t non-profit organizations. They will make money somehow.

What about what it was created for? To be social!


Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell. Bad exclamation point!

How about we just chat. Good old, friendly banter. A little debating. Two or two hundred people having a discussion about life, censorship, writing, sex, religion, politics, history, art, music, film, that last episode of Empire, you name it. Let’s talk.

Have you noticed the posts that “trend” or get shared and re-shared the most, are because someone is actually saying something important? And people are reacting and commenting. It’s called being social. Engaging. Talking.

With the exception of that women’s soccer team in Brazil that play in thongs “trending” amongst my husband’s friends last week, or a big news event, people are looking to interact.

They want to discuss important issues. They want their opinions to be heard. And hopefully, they’re open to other’s opinions as well. Some of the best conversations I’ve had, have been with total strangers on Twitter discussing things like writing, editing, sex, tolerance, and religion.

So writers, next time you’re scrolling through your Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ newsfeed, engage in conversation. Search a hashtag that describes your interests if there is nothing but ads and people commenting on how happy they are it’s Friday in your newsfeed.

Get involved. Be social.

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JenniferBe social and comment with the topic you think gets the most attention on your Twitter newsfeed.

Thanks for reading.

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