Fangirls Unite

I’m a fangirl. There I said it. No shame in my game. I fangirl over more stuff than I don’t.

Books — Neal Gaiman, Alice Hoffman, Nora Roberts, Jennifer Crusie, all authors I watch for new stuff, I talk about my friends to, I recommend, I covet signed copies of…I could go on.

TV — Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock, Flashpoint..and again I could go on. I talk about tv as much as I talk about books.

Fellow Wenches — Misti Murphy, Tami Lund, A.E.Snow, Rebekah Ganiere, and K.R. Wilburn …. I love to read things written by my fellow wenchfolk. I’ll gush and leave reviews, I’ll tell all my friends about their books, I’ll support them on my own website.

So yeah that’s me; a fangirl. You may think it’s a young girls game, but ti’s not. Some of the biggest fangirls I know are my age and older. We all have deep  love for those things we determine are ours. We all trade stories, insults, pictures, memes, you name it. And it’s fun. And it takes away some of the doldrums of being an adult.

So go out and be a fangirl (or fanboy, we don’t judge here). Find something to fall in love with. Immerse yourself in the canon. Learn it all. Shout from the rooftops your love for that one thing. Enjoy the madness (we’re all mad here).


Sheri Williams Author Pic Sheri Williams is a writer of many genres and a champion of fangirls far and wide. You can find her on social media, generally being a geek, or talking about books. Her next story is a short in the Bewitching Desires Anthology that she is a part of with a few other wenches. Make sure to check it out.


**featured image from DIYLOL meme generator.


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