Finding your bliss ain’t for wimps.

by Sheri Williams

Lately I have been thinking a lot on finding your bliss. I am happy to say that at 33 I have found mine and have started on the path to making it a large part of my life. I am a writer. That is my bliss. Every time I say that out loud I feel giddy. I feel so lucky to be able to say that not only have I found it but I am working on it everyday.  There is of course a downside to this.  It doesn’t pay. Or at least it doesn’t yet. I have high hopes that when I finally publish my novel that is currently in editing purgatory that I will make money. A small bit anyway. It definitely won’t be enough to pay the bills or feed my girls and I know that, so I am now constantly on the lookout for writing gigs that pay. I could got to work at Wal-Mart and make money. I could. But I would be miserable and in turn my kids would be miserable.  I am still unsure if that makes me a bad person or even worse a bad parent, but I know that me following my bliss allows me to not only teach but to show my girls that it is important to never give up on your dreams. I am so blessed to have a partner who works everyday at a job he hates to pay the bills so I don’t have to. So now I am off.  I’ve found my bliss and it is now my focus in life to help him find his. Because if all you do is work to make money then truly what is the point of being alive? So find your bliss people.  Even if it’s hard, even if you have to work at it slowly and still go to that dreaded day job to fund your bliss. Just do it. Life without bliss is pointless.

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