Finding Your Tribe

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I’ve been meaning to write on this topic for a while now. Yet, recent events have shown me that I really have found my tribe. My writing tribe, my female (and a couple of male) friend tribe, my tribe of mentors and role models. A group of people that I trust, that I can confide in, that I share an ideology and interests with.

These are the wenches, my wenches. I found the Writing Wenches on an off-chance of identifying myself and putting out a call into the void for a group that I could learn from with the similar interest of writing and publishing literature, romance and erotica. Thank goodness I found them. (This is where I’d normally insert a Hallelujah gif.)

It’s important to find your tribe so that you aren’t drifting around this big world of ours on your own. You need a sounding board for your ideas and passions with people that you trust with the safety of your ego and still implicitly trust their opinions. A tribe holds your hand through the rough patches, cheer for you from the sidelines and reach out to give you a lift when you fall behind.

Look for them on the internet and real life. I have friends that I have never met half-way around the world, people that I share my frustrations and successes with that I will probably never meet in real life and these friends have my back despite that fact. Look beside you. You need peers. People on your level, sharing the same struggles at the same time. Look ahead of you. Find the person that has been doing this for 5, 10, 15 years longer than you. They have done the heavy lifting already. Learn from their wins, but focus more on their losses. Learn from their mistakes and don’t make them yourself. Look behind you. Put your hand out and help someone up from the dark.

Be helpful. Be humble. Be grateful. Don’t be an asshole. I mean, this advice is pretty solid for life all around.

I wish I could I spread my arms across the miles and hug every single on of my tribe. This week they have shown me how much I have learned from them, how much I lean on them and how grateful I am for them.

-Danielle Donaldson writes from Southern California where she lives with her husband and two young sons. Catch her online at or @WriterDonaldson

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