Finish the story


by Sheri Williams

On our fb group one of our fearless leaders Jennifer gave us a picture. With that picture was two lines and the directive to finish the story. Of our group 5 participated and this was the outcome. Can you tell what our lone male wench came up with? Does it flow well? Would you read a longer story set in this world? Let us know what you think.

They met once a month in the secluded cottage by the sea to allow their forbidden romance to blossom for a just a few days. She comes by horseback and gets a thrill when she comes around a cropping of rocks to see his ancient bicycle leaning against the side of the old stone cottage. She dismounts the giant roan, his chest puffed out as he blows hot breath into the sea mist laden air. She pretties herself and then walks toward the stone cabin but her warrior instincts warn her of danger. Reaching for the dagger she keeps in her boot  she circles slowly around the cottage. The salty air assaults her heightened senses as she approaches the low stone wall which protects the cottage garden from the sheer cliff drop beyond. She hears two male voices inside the cabin but neither belong to her beloved. Holding the dagger tightly she silently approaches the open window.  Peering through the slit between the panes she spots her unconscious lover tied to a chair. Standing over him is her money hungry stepfather and one of his cronies.

She felt the presence a split second before the dagger was expertly torn from her palm.  She gasped as the man came into focus and it was her brother, placing his hand over her mouth.

“Make one wrong move and we’re both dead, ” he rasped. “Follow me.”

Sitting out of sight behind a stone wall, she glares at her brother. “What are they, and you for that matter, doing here?”

“Hey is that any way to greet your big brother?” His eyes darted toward the escalating voices coming from the cottage.

“I followed that idiot and his friend here. They are planning to catch the two of you at the cottage and then force you to marry the creepy friend in there. They are going to split your dowry.”

“Like hell they are.” She sprang up but was hauled roughly back down behind the wall. “If you want out of this you need a plan,” her brothers eyes held the truth she already knew. “Damn.” she muttered and leaned against the wall.

One of the voices inside says “It sounds like my future bride has come.”



**I should say that I did not change any of the written lines, only fixed one spelling mistake. The format is mine though.**


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