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Planner 2Getting organized is my goal this year. With plans to release a minimum of two more books in 2015, I need organization. I found at the end of 2014, while participating in a ton of author and writing events, I started to lose track of my writing commitments. I had signed up for several blog hops and at one point I knew that I had forgotten one.  Why? Because I didn’t write it down. I relied on my memory and the host to email me the information in a timely manner, which she did in the end. My memory, turns out, not so good. I was spreading my digital self thin and was trying to get my posts prepared in advance so I didn’t miss anything.

In my professional life (day job), I pride myself on my ability to multi-task and meet my deadlines. In my personal life… I am a master procrastinator. It runs in my family. Up until July of 2014, writing was part of my personal life and I went with the flow. I was good about keeping my online presence consistent, but that was about it. Since then, I’ve realized that procrastination is not an option in this business. Yes, I said it. This writing gig, thing, dream, is a business. I am no longer calling it a hobby. I am a writer. A writer who still has a day job, and until I sell the movie rights to one of my books, I will continue to have a day job for the time being. I need to organize. Planner

I admit the cover that looks like my cat Cookie at home is what attracted me, but I really picked up this little pocket sized planner because I wanted to see my month at a glance all on one page and be able to stick in my purse. I had been using my phone with digital reminders, but it wasn’t working for me. I just started entering info into this little baby a few minutes ago and look…I already have four Monday blogs scheduled (one already done) and three Writing Wenches blog posts scheduled. Good to know what I’ve got going in January before I actually add anything to the mix. With writing on a deadline, I prefer to get my assignments done in advance. I would rather be a week ahead of the game then have to come up with an idea the night before. Too much can happen between now and Monday to chance that I will find the time to get my blogging done, so better to get it done now, while I have the time. Of course there are always going to be those last minute posts that I must get up because they are relevant to today or because they are just that awesome, but for the most part I like planning them out at least a week in advance. That way I’m not scrambling at the last minute.

Now I need to add the following:

  • Schedule Beta Reads for current manuscript
  • Schedule Cover Design
  • Schedule Editing
  • Schedule Formatting
  • Schedule Cover Reveal
  • Schedule Release
  • Finalize secondary manuscript and send to betas
  • Outline New Romance Series

Ah…yeah, I have a lot to do. I better get cracking.

In case you were wondering, I do not schedule my social media time. I log in to Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest when I have little bits of time, like during my morning and evening commute or on my break at the day job. Sometimes I will also sneak on here and there at home when I should be writing. That is another goal. Stick to writing schedule. I’ll leave that for another post.

The goal is to be more organized in my writing career in 2015.

How do you stay organized? Any tips you can share?

Thanks for reading.


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