I Didn’t Say It…

My character did. 


Yes. They really do.

I’m one of those nutty writers that have characters yammering in their head…most the time. When they don’t, I get worried. Like now.

Ryan, the hero for my current WIP is saying nada. Zilch. Only stares at me with this smirky grin on his face. I’m ready to lock him in a room without beer. Except, as one Wench pointed out, he’d probably brew his own.

And you’re wondering…WTH is she talking about? You created this character so you control him! Uh…I wish! Do all writers suffer from this phenomenon? No. Some don’t. But I will say, a lot do. I really do.

Most readers, and some authors, don’t understand how I have no control over what my characters say and do. Who they are. What makes them tick. They are not just characters, they are people. They have minds of their own and no matter how hard I try to make them do a certain thing, it won’t work if they don’t agree with it. And if I force it, the story goes off the rails. (and I have this awful habit of having extremely stubborn characters! – see smirky face of my current hero…the ass)

Anywho…so the next time you read a story and don’t agree with the characters reaction, realize the writer might not like it either. If you’re a writer and can’t get your story to work, that might be the problem. You’re not letting them rule the show.

And at the end of the day, it is, their show. (Shut up, Ryan and quit laughing!)

*sighs* Would someone tell him I can’t write his story if he doesn’t talk to me?!

And that is my quirky and insane wisdom for the day.

Love and happy reading/writing! 


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