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Hi there! Sheri here with another interview for all my lovelies today. It was so interesting to me to interview the ladies of PageCurl, that I have today another company which helps out indie authors. Little Green Eyed Press, started and run by Becka McIntosh. Know if you don’t know that name, then you might know A. Wrighton which is the name she writes under. Either way, a cool chick who is doing indie authors an amazing service.

Now I’d like to lay the scene for you: I walk into a cafe and there she sits. A beautiful lady with a generous smile. She sips on coffee as she waits for me to approach her. I’m nervous as this is my first real interview. I sit down across from her and we shake hands. She is warm and open and I feel my nervousness flee.

Sounds nice right? Too bad it’s all a fantasy. She lives in California, I live in Alabama. We will probably never meet in person.  All of our conversations happen through facebook or email. It’s all good though, she’s still good people. Anyway, below are my questions and her answers.

What is your company about?

Little Green Eyed Press is about making indie authors’ compelling, quality stories available in a professional format. It’s about taking novels and novellas and shorts that writers have been working on for weeks, months, years and helping them refine, polish, and present it to the public — it’s about telling stories in the truest sense. We’re all about helping indie authors and guiding them through the process because we have been there before and, to be frank, it can be confusing and overwhelming. There’s a lot of prematurely published indie stories out there and we’re working to show readers that indie authors should be synonymous with quality storytelling and amazing characters. We’re working to deliver the best story a writer can deliver through indie means in an experience that is both cultivating and pleasurable.


Why did you start your company?

I started my company because people kept telling me it was a good idea to take what I did for my writing buddies further. I kept laughing off the suggestion, but then more and more indie authors approached me and I couldn’t keep ignoring it. I love telling stories and I am obsessed with crafting stories to their fullest – including what happens after “the end” has been written on that last page. I get to work with some of the most talented people, too. We have amazing editors on staff and a stunning cartographer and we have the privilege to work on so many kinds of stories — to help bring them to life. It’s a privilege and I love the rush of pride and joy that comes when an author releases something we’ve been able to work on.


When did you start it?

I officially started LGEP in April 2013. I can’t believe it’s coming up on two years — holy cow!


What part of your life does it fulfill?

This fulfills my addiction to story development and taking pride in the indie author community. Indie authors have gotten a bit of a tarnished rep with the oversaturated market, so I love helping put out products that are quality — for the reader and the community as a whole. Eventually, we plan on releasing novels and novellas under the LGEP name as a publisher instead of just an editor or cartographer. It will be an amazing step forward for the company, and for me. I’ve always wanted to gather and cultivate a stunning collection of authors and stories for readers, and LGEP can provide that platform.

Which do you find more you? Writing or the company?

I think my writing is me and my company. I’m all about the storytelling. I’m a story development fiend — be it in my work or working with others. It’s what I went to undergrad school for, and what I got a MFA in Creative Writing for — stories. I live and breathe storytelling and Little Green Eyed Press alongside writing my own work allows me to just revel in that world. It’s all me and I’m smiling ear to ear whether I’m working on my story or one of LGEP’s client’s works. It’s just… good, amazing fun.


If you are interested in working with Becka and Little Green Eyed Press you can find her here.

twitter: @LGEPress


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