It Cost Nothing to be Nice

61554f53f6e7a279d4040fe097ce681eI’ve seen so much hate, anger, and spite on social media and in the world lately… and frankly, I don’t get it.

Each one of us is different. From the color of our skin to our thoughts, views, and opinions. Like snowflakes, we are all originals. One of a kind.

And each and every one of us deserve respect.

That doesn’t mean you agree with them. You could even strongly disagree with their opinions, but does that give anyone free license to tear a person down and throw hate? To post comments you know will make the other person angry? Is it even worth it?

First off, it solves nothing. Their opinions will not be changed by ugly words. Matter of fact, it does the complete opposite. It only gives them more reason to stand by their views.

When you come across something on social media that you don’t like, you have several options.

~You can engage…

~You can ignore…(IMO the best option)

~You can HIDE the post if it really pushes your buttons… (yeah you can do that)

~As a last resort, you can unfriend or block that person.

I have a lot of friends on FB and Twitter and I don’t agree with everything they post. And thats OKAY. I still like them. I still talk to them. They have the right to their opinions and I have mine.

And yes, they are just OPINIONS…not fact.

So the next time you see hate or a post you don’t like…look for something positive to say. Maybe not to that person, but to someone else. Because we are ALL struggling with something. That positive comment might be the only smile they get all day.

If you think something positive about something, say it. So many times we think, ‘oh, she looks so pretty in this pic or what a beautiful family’…but we don’t say it.

Say it. Comment on that.

Not the negative posts and comments.

It cost nothing to be nice. 

Love and happy reading/writing!

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