It’s release day!!!

Release the confetti! Release the balloons! Release the Kraken!!! (Okay, maybe not that last one.) It’s Release Day!!!

Our anthology Beyond the Friend Zone is here! You’ve heard us talking about it, I’m sure. Asking for preorders. Asking for support for the thunderclap. Sharing all the links, and posts, and pimpage.  And we are all really grateful that you have followed along on this journey with us.

Beyond the Friend Zone is not your average anthology. We picked a theme; friends to lovers. We asked for authors; we got them. And then we let them loose. This resulted in some really sweet, but super quirky stories. Not all of the 9 shorts in the book are your typical romance, and we love it. Love it, I say!


Look at that cover, so pretty right? Anyway.

The nine of us in the anthology; me, AE Snow, Grace Ravel, Michael Simko, Colleen S Meyers, Kay Blake, Maria Arell, Suzie Jay and Danielle Donaldson wrote blogs supporting each other over the past weekend, so if you want a little taste of each story, click on the name. Except for Simko, as he doesn’t blog.  If you want to buy the book, click on this here.

If you want to show your love, support, and maybe share a balloon or two, visit us here.

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