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This blog is about sex.

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Yep. So if you don’t like sex, well, I don’t even know what to say. Beside that, you’ve obviously stumbled upon this blog by accident, because the wenches and our barkeep, well, we like sex. We like to look at sexy pictures and talk about sex, and we especially like to write about sex. So the word comes up often. Oh yeah, that pun was absolutely intentional.

Today, I’m going to talk about writing sex. No, it’s not a tutorial. As much as I like to write and talk about it, I’m not sure I’m qualified to be a teacher. My best advice would be to close your eyes and envision it … then write down exactly what you see in your head. Every detail. And if you need to take a minute to, well, take a breather, I also suggest you keep going. Wait until after you’ve finished the scene. Because that scene will be so much hotter if you write it while you are … um … squirming? Uncomfortably warm? Turned on? Yeah, that.

Okay, wait, I didn’t mean to start doling out advice. I want to talk about my own sex scenes, and why I write the ones I do.

True confession: I love the idea of sex in the shower. WW Sex BlogI say the idea, because if you’ve ever done it in a normal-sized shower, with normal-sized people (even just two of you), well, you know what the term awkward means. Still, the idea is so, well, hot. And so my characters have sex in the shower. A lot. Probably, every book I’ve ever written has at least one sex scene that involves the shower or bathtub. Hmm … I wonder if that’s really true? I’ve published ten books to date. I wonder if every single one really does contain a shower sex scene?

I can’t decide if I’m embarrassed or proud.

I also love the idea of sex standing up. You know what I’m talking about: Six Pack Abs holding your thighs, pressing your back against the wall, while he presses something else against your G spot … Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

Sex standing up, usually using a wall for support, is another one of my all time favorites, although it may not actually be in every book I’ve ever written. In the first book in The Resort series, this is how Carter and Allison have sex for the first time. In the troughs of passion, he even whispers, “Do you want to go to the bedroom?” And she replies, “No, I can’t wait any longer. Do me now.” (That was paraphrasing, but you get the gist.)

In Candy Crush, Brandon and Gabriella do it in the laundry room, with her seated on the dryer. Carter and Allison from The Resort do it standing up a lot. Of course, they have sex over the course of five books, so that’s to be expected. Tanner and Olivia from Into the Light do it against the wall of a cliff, next to the beach. Jake and Natalie from Love Gumbo … well, that’s a short, so there are only two sex scenes, and naturally, one of them is in the shower. Maybe that needs to be my signature “thing.” Or maybe I need to get more creative with the steamy moments in my books.

I admit, when I’m writing sex scenes, I tend to take my characters out of the bedroom. I don’t know why. I guess I figure that we all do it in the bedroom. That’s real life. And these books, well, they aren’t, are they? I mean, we all wish they were, but … So when I’m warming up to a new scene, in my head, I’m wondering, where would my readers like to have sex? What will keep them turning pages, panting for more?

Maybe I need to try writing erotica.

Seriously though, it’s the readers I think about, when I’m writing those scenes. Not myself. (“Honey, I have this idea for my next book, wanna try it out with me…?”) Nope. It’s all about that person who will hopefully pick up my book and be so entranced that they cannot put it down again until the end. And then when they do, they turn to their partner and say, “Honey, I just read this book with some great sex scenes. Wanna try them out with me?”

Yep. That’s me. Dr. Tami. Adding spice to my readers’ sex lives. Mostly in the shower and up against walls.

Anyone for levitation sex?


6 comments on “Let’s Blog About Sex, Baby

  1. I think that’s what romance genre is really all about in some ways – escaping reality. Reality of sex is messy, sometimes strange, sure it’s fun but would you really be entertainined by watching a video of your most intimate moments … unless you’re an actor in the porn industry, chances are good that you’d probably find a few things to giggle at or want to never see again.

    Yea, I love showers, bathtubs and pools too. Water + Sex = Epic… in fantasy. In reality it isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. Good on you for writing about what we love to imagine though. I don’t pick up romances to read about how love lives REALLY are in the bedroom… I want the shower, on the wall, and in the tub scenes where everyone enjoys themselves and no one ends up in the ER after. 🙂

  2. This barkeep/Cap’n and his Wavemistress Cimmorene agree with many of your sentiments. You are adding the life spice of variety, so to paraphrase.

    And writing erotica? Good writing practice, I’m sure. But as Cimmy and I are gamers– I trust you’ll keep out of the fangirl depths of slash, yaoi, and so on. I tease, I tease, but some geek girls… well, having their favorite guy superheroes or sci-fi/fantasy genre men homoerotically get it on really turns their crank. Not everyone’s cup of tea, of course.

    1. Which is why there is such a wide variety of book genres, right? Something for everyone! Thanks for reading – and commenting. ~Tami

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