Life In Limbo

Through various conversations this week, I’ve encountered a number of people who are feeling stuck in that annoying place of limbo. You know the one–you’re not moving forward, you definitely aren’t taking steps back, but you’re just frozen in place.


Even if you’ve taken a step backward, you have something to work through.

And when you’re moving forward, it’s exciting because you can see progress.

But limbo is just no fun. Unless you’re playing it at a party.



So, how do we handle limbo? I think the temptation is to get discouraged or worse, complacent. I’ve been in this place at numerous junctures of my life, but when it comes to my writing, I found myself there at the end of last year. I’d been working on my current book, but that discouraging voice in my head was telling me that it would probably never go anywhere and it’s more time and investment than I had to give it right then. Plus, I was stuck on my storyline. I tend to get big concepts and then just write, which works great at first, until about that mid-way point where I have to figure out how to get from what I’ve written so far to the end I have in mind. I since have learned to do a better job of plotting it out, but at that time I was just stuck.

That place of limbo-not moving forward and not taking any steps back-had me thinking about tossing away my dream. Is it really worth all this? What have I really accomplished anyway? Why do I think I can even reach my dreams? After all, it’s a dream for a reason.

The same mentality can tempt us when it comes to the bigger issues of life. I’ll never meet anyone. I’ll never be able to succeed beyond this current job. I’ll never kick this habit/addiction/obsession/mental illness anyway. So, why try?




But here’s the perspective. Limbo is a temporary place. It’s a super stinky place, but it isn’t lasting. In whatever part of your life you may feel stuck in limbo, remember, you will begin to move forward again. Don’t allow it to entice you to take steps backward in that complacent, difficult space of waiting. Rather, allow it to serve as a catalyst to propel you toward either overcoming something or taking the next steps toward accomplishing a goal or outcome.

Today you may in be limbo, but who knows what tomorrow holds? Your turning point could be just around the corner.

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