Losing Your Mojo

MojoHave you seen my mojo? I’m afraid it’s missing. I’m jet-lagged, having just spent a week in Ireland, working on A Shift in the Air, the sequel to A Shift in the Water. I had a great time. I spent my days writing, relaxing, and taking in the local culture.

I got home last night and I’m looking over my outline for A Shift in the Air and I’m convinced it’s utter crap. Realistically, I know it’s not. Oh, I’m not saying it’s brilliant. It’s an outline. It’s okay. It needs some work. And I’m doing the work. But I still feel like I’m going down the wrong path.

There are countless memes and graphics out there that talk about the writing process. This “I’m crap, my work is crap” phase is one that we all have to go through from time to time. I know it’ll pass, but I would really like it to hurry itself up.

So what am I doing to fix this? Well, I have a glass of wine.

Kidding. Mostly.

I’m working through this by working. The number one cure for writer’s block is to write. You don’t have to write your novel, but write something. Write a journal entry. Write a recipe. Write a description of the toy your cat is playing with. But write something. So I’m writing. I’m writing out details of scenes I’d normally never put in an outline because it’s putting words to paper (or screen). I’m writing down memories of Ireland that I can use later. And I’m writing this blog post.

I’ll find my mojo again soon. But if you see it, please send it back FedEx.

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