Making a living on your hands

Having your hands being the main thing for making your living isn´t a big deal for most of us. They do what we tell them and fairly quick and gracious to. When they don´t work as they should and usually do, it is a pain (pun intended) to make a living on them.

My hands, well my right hand anyway, have been messing with me since July of last year. Making my plans crumble and die in no time. The last month it got company the left hand, who had to be worse and be all swollen and in pain the whole hand. The right one have been nicer by only mess with the thumb, until lefty said it hurt more. A week ago the little finger and ring finger on righty said they wanted in on the “fun”. They are all tingly and feels like they have a nerve or two pinched. It´s not the best condition to write anything worth selling.

But fear not! When you read this I will be at the hospital getting medication intravenous, last time I got that medication it worked wonders. Fingers crossed it will do the same this time. Guess what that means?! You are right! More writing done!! Since I have less than a month on me to finish my short for the summer anthology, getting it beta read so it will be ready for the first edit at the end of the month… You get the picture. Luckily though I have the rough parts done, need to fill in some plot holes and put the text in the right order. It should take too long.

Then I will dig into my short for the Halloween anthology, I know it isn´t that much rush on that one. I want it as finished as possible when I go to Scotland on vacation. We´ll see how much of vacation it will be for a writer in Scotland amongst castles, old houses, highlands and great people around. If I´m lucky I will have at least one story with me home.

Now I will leave you for this time, lefty starts complaining, next time I hope I will have better news and longer post for you. I surely will have my laptop with me tomorrow, can´t be stuck at the hospital for three hours without it. It is helping me make a living on my hands.

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