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The other day we had a blog about sex. Well today I shall also be blogging about sex, in a more roundabout way.  Writing the sex.  More importantly, the music you listen to for inspiration while writing the sex. We all have songs that spring to mind when asked about sexy music. (At least, I hope we do) (please tell me it’s not just me) Maybe you’ve always figured at one point you would be doing the horizontal mambo to the sounds of Al Green. Well, I’ve written sex to his music and I’m here to tell you….not really sexy. Maybe it’s just me.

I am the odd duck out more often than not, so I am okay with that. When I need to write the sex I go for a pounding beat (pun intended). I like dirty lyrics. Songs that make no bones about being about the sex. Also when it comes to a good rock song, it doesn’t even have to be about the sex if the tune is right.  And then, then, sometimes I just like a good pop beat. Something up tempo for the silly sex scenes. Because sometimes you need those as well. So without further ado…(check me sounding all smart and crap) here is my TOP TEN SONGS TO WRITE THE SEX TO!


  1.  Closer -NIN really do I have to explain this? Have you listened to the lyrics? No? Go and do it now. This song is killer.
  2.  Back in Black -AC/DC this is also a killer song. It is classic for a reason. The beat is pounding and it makes for a fast pace scene and that is just how I like it.
  3. Pour Some Sugar on Me- Def Leppard and oldy but goody. This song will surely put you in a good writing mood.
  4. Pony- Ginuwine okay I know the guy is a bit creeptastic but this song is fantastic. If you are in the mood to write some down and dirty sex thi is the song for you
  5. This Love -Maroon 5 seriously, have you seen this video? Keep her coming every night? Yes sir!
  6. Christian Woman- Type O Negative suggested by one of the other wenches. I had never heard it but oh holy hell. That would be the perfect song to write a smidge of bdsm to, am I right?
  7. Sex On Fire- Kings Of Leon a beautiful song with a wicked beat. Puts me in the mood every time, the writing mood that is.
  8. Gorilla- Bruno Mars; another wenchy suggestion. I had never heard this song before but I love his voice and it certainly brings to mind lazy sundays in bed.
  9.  Man Of Me- Gary Allan this song isn’t really about sex per se, but it is about the power of the lovely models glittery hooha which has obviously made a man of him. Plus, watch the video people. He is a mix of a cowboy and a rat pack guy. Perfect inspiration for that scene you might be stuck on. (hint for ya- that pool might be fun)


10.That’s the Way Love Goes- Janet Jackson a sweet bit of R&B for when you need to write the romantic sex scene. When it needs to be all whispers and sighs. This is the perfect song for that.


Anyway, that’s my list. With a little bit of help from my wenches. So how does it measure up? What do you think of my songs? Could you write a scene guaranteed to make us all hot under the collar with these songs? Let me know if you do, I’d like to read it.





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