My writing time is important, damn it


I’m a writer. I’m a writer who holds down a full time day job doing something else, totally unrelated to writing. I’m a mother, a wife, a person.

I have hopes: for my children to grow up healthy and happy, for a long and happy life with my husband, for a world without cellulite.

I have dreams: to travel the world, to learn Italian, to be a best-selling author.

None of these are out of reach…Well, maybe the cellulite one. Especially with the amount of good food available and my total lack of any sort of enthusiasm when it comes to exercising. But I digress.

The only question is effort and time. It takes effort to live a long and healthy life, raise kids, and not kill your husband. It takes time to learn a foreign language, to travel to all the places you want to visit, and to become a best-selling author.

But Lord help me, I’m trying.

Writing takes a tremendous amount of time and effort. Time that I don’t have. But guess what? I find the time. Why? Because my dreams are important. More important than watching the latest episode of my favorite TV show. More important than folding the laundry. More important than taking a lunch break at the day job, although I admit, the day job is very demanding and it’s usually that job which prevents the lunch break. However, when I do take a break, I’m working on my writing career.

I have a second career. One that I love. How many people can say that?

My husband looked at me the other night, after many nights of “Haven’t you spent enough time on your laptop for one day?” and “Can I have some attention?” to stroke my hand and say, “I’m really happy for you. This writing thing, I can see it makes you really happy. I’m proud of you.”

Thank you. Thank you for finally getting it. And for also admitting you’re waiting for the big bucks to roll in. Someday…

Just because I write in my spare time (read every moment I can find that’s near a charger when I’m not at the day job) doesn’t mean it isn’t just as important as someone who writes for a living.

I don’t write to live. I live to write.

And until Hollywood comes knocking, I will continue to be thankful for my two amazing careers. One at the office, Monday through Friday, and the other wherever there’s a keyboard and inspiration.

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