NaNo month and being sick

It is November which equals NaNoWriMo month. NaNo we have mentioned on this page before so I won’t get into that. What I will tell you is that, life takes a back burn when you do NaNo. My dishes, cleaning, laundry and showers have become something of “have to”. I don´t want to scare you with pics of me going to work smelling bad, I have been home this week due to illness. Nothing too bad, a cold and my arthritis kicking in thanks to the weather.

Being sick has made my head mushy and I forget stuff, like this blog post. Usually I have it written at least the day before and scheduled so it will be up and running when you people wake up. Today it´s a little last minute thing.

Okay, I´ll be honest. Cold AND NaNo has made it mushy. My mom called the other day, she was coming over and I forgot that, she starts the conversation with: “I´m at the second tunnel so you can start walking now.” “Okay” is my reply. All the time I´m thinking. What!? Get dressed, I over slept since I wrote late the night before, get to the store and act normal. Mom knowing me by now, I´m forty, looks me up and down. “You forgot about it didn´t you?” A sheepish smile let´s her know she is right. By then I did remember why she was in my neck of the woods. She made stew the day before since I´m sick. I love my mom every day, but things like this is over the top.

My NaNo story isn´t going that well. I have changed it a couple of times since It´s not going forward and I´m behind on the count anyway. I am very glad that the rules are changed this year. Considering I am writing on 4-5 stories and still my word count is low.. Yeah, not my year but it might be something beautiful in the end anyway. I celebrate with all my writer friends that make their goals and excel on them. Looking forward to read them when they get to print.

I apologize for this short post but I have cotton in my brain and it feels like I have to get to my story. The main character is yelling at me, she is doing an experiment and she want it done now. She is a very bossy lady. The yelling could be because she is kidnapped and this experiment might break her out of there. So I bid you farewell and wish you a good day.


Much love from a wench with a cotton brain

PS. Send pics of hot guys and gals, send me tea with honey and lots of chocolate. Thanks you are life savers.

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