Oh, so you write romance……

I have been taking college classes because it was a personal goal of mine to finally get my bachelor’s degree. I already received my associate’s degree some years ago, but life sometimes get in the way with some goals. In the beginning of each class, we are to tell a little about ourselves. I will introduce myself and then tell about my life and my interests. I also end with I am an author.

That seems to go over well. I get the “that’s pretty cool” and “that’s pretty awesome”. It sounds good because I am proud that I am doing something I always wanted to do. The next question is “What genre do you write?” I say well right now just contemporary romance. If I was standing in a crowded room you could hear a pin drop. Now the responses are “oh romance huh?”

The undertones to that comment always sits wrong with me because frankly what’s wrong with writing romance. Now don’t get me wrong because I love other genres. However, I have only been writing seriously for a year and a half and for me romance works.

One, I am a reader. I love books. If I could get that library that Belle had in the Disney version of “Beauty and the Beast”, I would forever be happy. I read horror, classic literature, poetry, fantasy, paranormal, erotica, young adult and of course romance. Why is it that romance seem to have some kind of negative stigma to it? Do those other genres not have imagination and a person’s view point about something? Is romance really that crazy to get why some writers tend to write those kinds of stories?

Books take me to a place that I haven’t been. I love that about reading. Romance however is something I can relate to. I can only speak for myself, but when you see two people relationship blossom on the page, how can I not root for them? When we see a person love someone flaws and all, isn’t that what we want? Again, I can only speak for myself.

So, when I get the sarcastic question about why do I write romance, I can say this. No, I haven’t been writing seriously for twenty years. I do know what I feel when I read a character’s love story. I know what I felt the day I met my husband. I know those feelings are real and if I can convey that on a page. If I can get someone else to see what I see, then I think writing romance is all worth it.


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