Ramblings from a writer..

As a writer you want to live on your work, that will say have a steady income while you write the next best seller. We work night and day, slipping in writing time between grocery shopping, fun times with the family and the day job. Sometimes life sends a curveball and make us realise that we aren´t immortals. Deadly diseases, accidents, sickness in the family or ourselves, money problems. Those days’ it´s hard to see the end of the rainbow. Several of my writing friends have suffered lots of these obstacles, so have I, we have overcome them.

What keeps us going is the dream, the dream of seeing our work in the shelf among the big ones. King, Gabaldon, Eyre, Rowling, Harkness, Shakespeare and the rest of them. For some of us the dream is here, published books and more on the way. Some of us still works on that. A few of my friends see the gold pot at the end of the rainbow, in a distance sure but they see it. A very few of us is soon going to say bye bye to the day job to be fulltime writers.

I take my hat off for you and wish you all the best. You wenches and barkeeps are inspiring me to do my best. I will soon do you all company and do this for a living.

Now I am going back to my own writing. It will be a masterpiece!! And I will rule the world!! *insert evil laugh* (With my friends in the writing wenches)

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