Review of Suzie Jay’s Walk on the Wild Side


(A Review of Walk on the Wild Side by Suzie Jay)
By Brenda Rogers

Has the universe ever tossed a curveball at you that throws your life into chaos and you find yourself in the position of having to rebuild your life? If so, you will be able to relate to Violet Monte, the heroine of Walk on the Wild Side by Suzie Jay.

Poor Violet is going through a very bad time. Within a 24-hour period, she loses her job and finds her scumbag husband naked in a shower with another woman. She had dedicated so much of her life to making her husband’s hopes and dreams come true, she doesn’t remember if she ever had any of her own. So after moping for awhile at her sister’s house, Violet starts the process of rebuilding her life and rediscovering who she it and what her passions are in life. Her search for her passion in life has her dabbling in detective work, starting a home-catering business, writing fictional stories about her neighbor, and even finding true love with a new man. I’ve probably told you too much about the Walk on the Wild Side at this point – I don’t want to ruin it for you. If you want to know more about Violet’s adventures as she reinvents herself, click on the link below and get yourself a copy. You won’t be disappointed.

Walk on the Wild Side is Suzie Jay’s debut novel, and she certainly hit a home run with it. Suzie has an easy-going, humorous writing style that made this novel a pleasure to read. Hopefully, we will see future novels from this author.

Click on the link below to get your copy of Walk on the Wild Side:

If you enjoyed Walk on the Wild Side, click on the link below to check out Suzie’s short story “Operation Tom Foolery” in the Fools Rush In Anthology.

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