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This is going to a personal post and it will be a little rambling, or lots of ramblings in it. Because tomorrow, Tuesday, I’m leaving for Scotland and I’ll be there for ten days. It’s going to be a blast! The only thing is that I’m just now realizing, that it might not be such a good idea to stay the last couple of days in a town outside Inverness. Not when the plane leaves from Edinburgh early in the morning, it leaves 10:30am and it is a couple of hours with the bus. I’m not a morning person, see the problem here? When I’m typing this post I’m actually checking hostels in Edinburgh. I found a few that will be cheaper staying at then going up to Inverness. Luckily we, my friend and me, haven’t booked anything up at Inverness we would stay for free at a friend’s place.

Did I mention that it’s three in the morning and I should be sleeping? No? Well it is and I’m not sleepy at all. It might be that I’m too wired up to sleep. Whatever it is will make me sleep better tonight. Which I need since I have to be up at 3:30am, way too early.

Want to know why I’m going to Scotland? If you have follow our little page here you have read my first ever post and then you know about my pen pals. I am going to meet up with four of them, well technically with five but one of them is here with me, and we are going to a Gathering in Scotland. There we will meet up with over 200 other fans of Diana Gabaldon and go on bus tours to some film sets where they are filming some of Diana´s books. That is a good way to see Scotland and maybe even see some movie stars.

Hopefully it will give me good ideas for new stories that will end up in books. I will also work on one of my wips while I’m there. It should have been finished by now and sent to the editor for the second pass. Sorry dear editor, will send it to you soon, promise.

Oh, yeah did I mention that I’m sick too? Got a cold, coughing my lungs out and don’t have much of a voice but I’m going and I’m going to have fun. Lots of fun!

It is getting brighter outside and it’s closing in on four so I should probably stop writing this and do something productive. Like packing or writing or at least eat breakfast. It will be a busy day fixing the last things and changing my money to £. Next time you hear from me I will tell you all about my trip to Scotland, all the people I met and some of the ideas I got, if any.

With that I’m saying good morning and catch you later. Enjoy the posts from the other wenches that you will be able to read until next time you hear from me.

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