So, you want to write a book?









So you want to write a book?

Yes! Write the book.

No? Yes, you do. Go write the book.

Have you finished writing the book?

Yes! Start editing.

No? What are you waiting for? Take a 15 minute Facebook break, then concentrate on writing the book.

Have you finished editing?

Yes! No, you haven’t. Edit again.

No? Take 15 minute break. Pin ALL THE THINGS on Pinterest. Then finish editing.

Have you finished editing the book?

Yes! No, you’re not. Call your friends, at least three, and have them read over a copy of it.

No? Take a 15 minute break and check out where you might want to submit your book once it’s finished, either to an agent, directly to a publisher, or online as an ebook.  This will help inspire you. Then get back to editing. Then have your friends read over a copy of it.

Your friends finished editing the book and you’ve finished putting the changes you agree with into your manuscript?

Yes! Edit again. You’ll thank yourself later. Take out unnecessary words, and read it out loud. You’ll catch a lot of errors this way.

No? What are you waiting for? This book is not going to edit itself. Go edit the damn book.

I wrote it, edited it, had my friends proofread and revise, and added the changes I agreed with.  I’ve re-edited.  I’ve revised.  I’ve proofread.  I think it’s ready to go.

Yes! No, it’s not. Edit it just one more time.

No? You’re right. Edit one more time.

Found a few more errors.  I fixed them though.  I’m done, right? 

Yes! No, you’re not.  Hire a professional editor. 

No? You’re right. Now hire a professional editor. 

It’s seriously ready to go.  It’s been professionally edited.  I have incorporated all the changes.  I have looked at my book so many times I’m starting to hate my characters.  I never want to see the name _______________ ever again.  I’m sick of it and I’m done.

Yes! Congratulations. You’re done.

No? Yes, you are sick of it. You’re done.

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