Starting Over by: Evan Grace (Book Review)


This book was a recommendation from a good friend of mine. I read it two days ago and I must say I definitely enjoyed the book.

It starts off with an eighteen year old girl named Bellamy, who has been (not so secretly) in love with her twin brothers (Dylan & Dustin) friend Luke. She decided that now that she was eighteen she would give him her virginity. One party and several drinks later, the deed is done and it doesn’t go as planned. After an awkward and crushing reaction from Luke, Bellamy goes off to college and move away to start her life far far away from Luke.

Flash forward six years and Bellamy is doing well. She is a personal trainer now and is living comfortably. After six years she barely sees her family because of the fear of running into Luke. Not only is she afraid of the feelings that still runs very deep in her heart, but she has been carrying a secret that only her best friend Travis and her mother Ruth knows about.

I love the descriptive nature of the book. I was able to imagine quite clearly what it was like to be there. I liked the close family dynamic, the overprotective big brother and the overall bond between friends.

Along with some steamy sex scenes and the trouble that always seem to be right around the corner, I give this book five stars and I suggest you get your copy TODAY.

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Kay 🙂


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