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Writers and authors, we are all part of this amazing community of artists who create stories out of nothing and translate them onto the page for the public to enjoy. We all know that writing is a solitary experience, but evolving as writers, learning our craft, finding readers, trudging forward through the marshy waters of the publishing industry (how do you like that for flowery writing), we need each other. At least in my experience.

I have learned so much from the writing community, I can’t even begin to measure it. This is why when my fellow writers, who have helped me with grammar questions, formatting issues, how-to questions about KDP, beta reads, and general encouragement need help, I am more than happy to oblige.

I was off from the day job for several days in the month of February due to some health issues. So with time on my hands at home, I decided to blog daily, and what better topic than to interview fellow authors and give them a little support. All of the authors I interviewed (19 total) are all writers that I communicate with on a daily basis. We have chats about writing, why our spouses are acting like idiots, and how to get our newest release of the ground. Those nineteen are only the tip of the iceberg. I have at least another twenty authors I could feature, that I interact with on a daily basis.

On the conservative side, I would say I interact with about forty writers on a weekly basis. These people have all taught me, supported me, laughed with me, and shared resources with me. I would say that qualifies them as friends.

How many people out there can say they have forty friends, they communicate with on a weekly basis, that they can depend on for support?

So, head on over to my WordPress Blog and check out my Feature February Author Interviews. Support your fellow authors and writers. If we all stand together, just imagine what we can accomplish.


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