The post vacation slump- myth or truth?

This past weekend I was at the beach. Yeah baby. Right? And now I’m back at home. But I wish I was still at the beach. Although despite all those years of thinking I would be one of those writers who would stare out at the ocean and write all the important words while sipping on some good bourbon; I did not one lick of writing. Not one word. It’s shameful really. Especially with all the things I have due. I have this deadline on the first, that’s like 3 days away….and I’m not working on it still, because I’m wishing I was back at the beach. So maybe the post vacation slump is true.

Although to be fair, I basically did no writing the week leading up to vacation either. Planning on camping for four days with two young kids had me so stressed that every time I looked at the computer my brain shouted “NO!” at me.  So does that count as a pre vacation slump? All told this will put me at not writing for the past two weeks. That’s a long time for a writer to go not writing.  And it’s not like I don’t have ideas, or things to work on. I have five things in various stages that need my attention, and then the five new ideas I came home with to start at least jotting down info so I don’t lose the idea, but really all I want to do is lay down. On ice preferably, as I also brought home a wicked sunburn from the beach.

Maybe I’m not in a slump at all. Maybe it’s the natural ebb and flow of being a writer (ha! look an a beachy metaphor!). Who knows really. Not me it seems. I guess I’ll go make a list, and start ticking things off one at a time. And because I work best on deadline, I’ll be making the first my bitch.  Edits will get done. Things will get written. All while I’m dreaming of the beach.

Sheri Williams Author PicSheri Williams is a out of the box writer. Not a fan of any one genre she hops through them like lil bunny FuFu in that meadow. You can find her all over social media at: and Sheri took the featured picture at Dauphin Island, Alabama.

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