The trials of being an author when you have a bad memory.

I had a plan for this blog post and it was a good one, it was elaborate and shiny. Then life hit me and the plan got rubbed out, now I don’t even remember what it was supposed to be about. My human body betrayed me and have been sick off and on for months now. This is not a post of complains, okay a bit of complains but not that much.

A common misbelief is that it’s easy to be an author, you simply write words down in sentences and then you are done. If you have followed us here on Writing Wenches you know by now that it’s not true. We fight procrastination, the urge to research even more, we chase our muse, we feel like quitting the craft after our book got rejected. And that’s just the writing life, then we have “the real life” the life everyone else lives. Now I’m not accusing anyone of you reading this for calling it that. Most of us that want a life of writing have heard it. My “real life” consist of looking for a job that will pay my bills until I get my career going and start earning enough to live off. At the moment I have two jobs that still don’t give me enough to be sure my bills get paid. It takes a lot of time from my writing sadly but it sometimes gives me small pieces of inspiration. On top of that I get sick a lot due to poor immune system, that knocks me out more or less completely.

I have decided to change that life completely, yes I know poor immune system isn’t something I can change but I will not let it rule me anymore. Next time I get sick I will keep the fingers working and letting stories out to the world, well, to my laptop anyway. And I have a chance to test my will power already. I’m sick again, thank you mother to my godchildren for sharing your wealth. Don’t want it and don’t need it, but I’ll do what I can to work around it. The first thing I’ll be doing is finishing the last things on two unfinished stories, send them out to beta readers and get covers for them. Then send them out to the world, after that is done I’ll return to Sam and Alex story from “A Fresh Start”. You can find them in the anthology “Unwrapping Love” on Amazon. I’ve got the request or demands of finishing their story, so off course I will, and I want to find out myself.

My plans two years ago was to be able to live off my writings by the end of this year. That is not happening from the looks of it now, but you never know. I will be working my ass off to make it a possibility. But I have a plan be in case of emergency, my hobby is photography and I might have a chance to get paid for it. Yeah, my hobby is a creative one. All my hobbies are creative, crochet, knitting, embroidery, photography…

Life is what you make off it. I’m making my future bright and wonderful. This is my year!

What are you doing with your life?

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