The Wench Three Way is back! Serenity’s turn.

Y’all the #WritingWenches Three Way is back!! I know it’s been a while, and I’m sure you missed us, so rejoice in our return. In case you’ve forgotten –>  here’s how it works. A three-way write off involves — no, not that! — three authors who each write a scene from a different character’s point of view. On March 7th we saw Maria’s perspective. Today Serenity will be here, telling us her side,  then Savior will wrap up this three-way on March 15, with his POV. Remember, Maria is the lost love, Savior is the rock star, and Serenity is the groupie ex-girlfriend.

The setting:

Maria, physical therapist who has hung out her shingle in the same small town where she has lived for her entire life.

Savior, the rock star who walked away from his first love to find fame and glory.

Serenity, the groupie-turned-(ex)girlfriend.

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Round 1- Maria Savior and Serenity

Round 2- Maria Serenity and Savior


Three Way Write Off


I sure do like to make an entrance. The looks on their faces makes me want to dance inside. I can’t though. I have a plan. Must stick to the plan, it’s been my..what’s that word? Ah, matra. It’s been my mantra since I found out I was carrying this thing in my belly.  Most people would thrilled about it. A baby. Woo. But damn if this thing wasn’t cramping my style.

I bet Miss Priss would love it. I saw her eyes widen when she saw the belly. Bet she won’t be so happy when she finds out it might be her fucking beloved Savior’s kid.  Four and a half months ago when the jackass had asked me to help her with her new look, I had suspected but didn’t know. I took the test after they left for the tour.  Five months pregnant, and to add to the growing list of cliches that was my life, it could have one of three daddies. Savior, Jacob, or that drummer. Shit, I don’t even remember his name.

“Wow, that’s some belly.” Her tone made me want to snap, but I had to remember the plan. I needed to be nice to lady-with-a-stick-up-her-ass.  Her happiness was going to have a direct impact on my own.

“Yeah. I know. Huge huh?” It’s hard to make my voice sound sweet.  To act like we’re best buds. Like I’m happy about the thing.

“Amazing. It’s not been that long has it, since we saw you?” The priss was fishing. I was going to have fun dropping the bomb.

“Four and a half months. I think. Since you guys left on tour, right?”“Yeah.” She came closer. All worry about the singer gone, she stared at my belly like a alien might pop out. And really, that’s what was going to happen after a while.

“So how far along are you?” Damn, if I wasn’t glad she asked.

“Five months.” I heard the gasp from Savior. Glanced over to see his eyes go wide. Yep, figure out the time asshole. Five months ago you were still screwing me. Let’s see you sweat. I could only be nasty in my head. I needed to keep the sweet attitude up.

“Oh.” Maria sounded sad and I almost felt bad for her.  Almost. Her life was about to be hell. But she deserved it for coming and stealing him away from me.  Her hand went to her throat. I had her right where I wanted her. Time to use her innate goodness against her.

“Oww..yikes.” I slid my hand to my back.

“Oh. Here, let me get you a chair.” She rushed off, and while she was gone Savior stomped over.“What the hell Serenity. What you playing at?”  His teeth clenched as he hissed at me, but I just held my half smile, half grimace in place.

“Whatever do you mean?”

“I know you. I know that you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t after something.”

“No, really I just came to talk to to Jacob about Daryl. I saw the downward spiral coming. I know this other singer, he’s good.”

“You know him huh? Is that the same way you know me? And Jacob? And Gavin?” Shit, Gavin, that was the drummers name. He almost caught me there.

“No. Actually. I saw him at a showcase not long back. He’s rough, but talented. I don’t see Daryl coming back anytime soon, you might start looking for a new opening act, or you could talk to this kid, help him and help yourself. I know Jacob would listen to you.”

Savior scrubbed his hands over his face, groaning. “You seriously didn’t come here to make waves? You’re flaunting that big belly.  Five months pregnant, I can count. Am I the father?”

“Yes.  But that’s seriously not why I showed up.”“Does Jacob know?” I heard Maia coming back with a folding chair, and I delivered the last nail in their relationship.

“Jacob knows that I’ll be having a paternity test when the baby is here.”

There was a clatter when Maria dropped the chair. “Paternity test?”

“Yes. I hate it, but it needs to happen.” Savior didn’t say anything, he walked away. A sound of disgust coming from him.  Maria dropped into the chair she had brought for me.

“It’s his isn’t it?” There was a sadness in her voice I hadn’t been ready for.

“I think so.”

“Why you and not me?” That I definitely wasn’t expecting. Yeah I’d wanted to drive a wedge between them, but I hadn’t really wanted to make her sad.  She didn’t need him, she had a great voice, she could eclipse him if she tried to.

“What do you mean, not you?” I don’t know why I asked. Maybe all that fake bonding we’d done while choosing her look had stuck. She looked at me, her eyes filled with tears, and then she let loose. Let it all out. All the tension crap he’d been telling her, I called bullshit on that. I knew him, He was getting it on the side somewhere. When she made it to how she was ready to bust, I couldn’t take it anymore.

“One, I know he’s getting some. That man can’t go two days without getting laid. So the tension talk, that’s him being an ass. Two, if you need release find a groupie. You’re a rock star now lady, pick a guy and get some.”

“, I couldn’t…”

“Hey..” I was really warming up to the idea, “the new kid I was telling Savior about, he might sing for Jacob’s band. He’s just turned twenty one, he’s sexy as all get out. Let him give you some much needed attention.”

“Twenty one..that’s too young.” I knew I had her when she didn’t use Savior as an excuse.

“I hate to say it, but the easiest way to get Savior in your bed is to make him jealous.”

“Really?” Her eyes lit up. Shit, why did I tell her that? I wanted her gone, not hanging around. I needed to get Savior back on my side. If he was back in my bed he wouldn’t push the paternity test issue.


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