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What does it matter how long the blog is? Simple, I’m practicing for Flash Fiction.

In how short of form can you make a compelling piece? How quickly can you engage the reader in a story? How fast can readers learn your characters? This is the fun of flash fiction.

Rules: It has to be short. That’s the rule (there are contests that will have additional rules, but that’s on them).

Is it a complete story?  It can be. It’s fine if your flash fiction isn’t a complete scene — just make it worth being read.

Is the ending concrete? Yes — or no.

I started writing flash fiction as a way to get full stories out while editing. But I found that they are great for test-driving story ideas. Write it as flash and see if it works.

Flash is great for exploring topics that aren’t big enough for a larger piece.  It’s also great for a tidy little story.

Tips for flash: 

Explain your setting quickly. Have every word pull double duty. Aka, use a chesterfield instead of sofa if you want a “fancy library-style sofa”.

Challenge Conventions.

Explore rough subjects – death, love, honesty, cheating.

Limit the characters in the piece. In a short you don’t have time to get to know many characters.

Compete in Flash Contests (I’d keep to the ones with no entries)

So — Why are we talking about flash?

Other than flash rocks…

Come back later this month for details on the new Writing Wenches Romance Flash Fiction Monthly Contests — coming in 2015.

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