Top Ten ways I’ll be a better writer in 2015

So I know that there are always lists at the end of the year. Ten Ways to Be a Better You!, Ten Ways to Eat Healthier!, and yes I am sure I will not be the only Ten Ways to Be a Better Writer. But here is the thing, Every year since I allowed myself to make the dream a reality, I have tried to be a better writer, this year is no different for me. Plus, well, I’ve been busy and didn’t have any other ideas for my blog post today. So here goes:

10. Write. I mean actually write when I sit down at the computer. So maybe this should be, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE.

9. Figure out a Street Team. Is it important for me? Do I have enough out for it to really matter in the long run? I need to know if it will be time well spent or not.

8. Be more organized. Self explanatory. I am a hot mess of things everywhere, but not where I need them. This includes: pens, notebooks, computer files. Maybe I can hire this out….nah. Must. Buckle. Down.

7. Write more. Did I already say that? It’s true.

6. Read more. It may seem not important, but reading stuff by people you admire helps you be more creative. True story.

5. Drink more wine. I feel like I failed on this step last year. And I know it is an important step, Tami told me so.

4. Marketing. It’s very important. If I don’t get sales, I can’t justify this being my career.

3. Social Media. Writing is not only about writing any more. This ties into marketing. To sell books you not only have to be a great writer, but have a killer social media platform.

2. Keep Learning. I have the Wenches at my back, as well as the Ten Minute Novelists. I need to keep learning. Everyday. So I don’t get stagnant.

1. WRITE.  It can’t be said enough. I promise.


PicsArt_1411957395990 look at this face. would I lie to you? Get writing!!

2 comments on “Top Ten ways I’ll be a better writer in 2015

  1. lol I love the write 3 times and wine…is it wrong I don’t like wine? I really hope thats not a staple to be a writer. Cause if so, I’m in trouble. I do drink Mikes Hard Lemonade, would that count? Oh and I like chocolate..but not coffee. Snap! Maybe I don’t qualify! Or maybe this should be my next post. What’s a staple to be a writer…okay, okay, I’m rambling now.

    btw, Great post! 😀

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