Two For One (Book Reviews)

Book Review (Second Chance By Audra North & Meant For Her by Amy Gamet)

By: Kay Blake

If you were to ask my friends they would tell you that I read books at an extremely fast speed. No not speed reading. I enjoy reading so much that I will read several books in one day.

With that being said I decided to give my review on two books since I read both books in the same day.

The first book I read was recommended by a close friend of mine, so I gave it a try. It was called “Second Chance” by Audra North. It starts off with a book reclusive librarian named Marnie. I liked her right away because she reminded me a little of myself. She was a bit shy and reserved and liked helping people. I always find those kind of traits endearing when I am reading a book. It makes me connect more. The book starts off with Marnie giving story hour at the library for the local children on Halloween. She sees a familiar face named Collin and all her she is taken back to her crush she had in high school. After all the years that have gone by she still has strong feelings for a boy now grown to be a fine looking man. It is the typical my love life had pretty much sucked until you came back into my life. Cliché? Yes! But it is worth the read. The book uses a bit of humor by including a sarcastic ghost by the name of Bill who gets Marnie out of her shell. He pretty much let her know that she has to take control of her life. After a few small mishaps in the story, Marnie gets a chance at love thanks to the help of Bill. It was a sweet quick read and I recommend you give it a try. I give it four stars.

The second book I read was a novella called “Meant for Her” by Amy Gamet. I must admit I was intrigued by this book. This novella is about a computer/number whiz named Julie who was running away from her past. A past that she thought was hidden by a simple name change. She meets navy man Hank under unfortunate circumstances and for Hank the attraction is almost sudden. Julie becomes afraid because of strange occurrences that are happening around her and she calls Hank. He immediately puts her in his protection. You get to see the love blossom between the two. I liked Hanks strong value of family and his fierce determination to protect those that he cares for. I was pulled to finish this book in one sitting from the very beginning. This is another sweet romance book with just enough of spicy scenes to quench your thirst. I give this novella five stars and I believe you should get right to it and add it to your eBook collection.
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