What to write a blog post about? Easy or hard choice?

Yesterday I asked my fellow wenches what I should write about. They came through and gave me lots of good choices and some not so good choices. We are after all wenches so the answers did go to the more “intimate” side. Today is not the day I go into detail about the intimate side of being a romance writer. Not sure it would be the best way to start the day reading that at work. I will leave that for someone that write a blog post later in the day. Hehehe

My post will not be any of my wenches’ suggestions, my brain finally came up with something I haven´t written yet.

I am writing this post while watching a program about Ian Flemming, the father of Bond. Very fitting that my blog post for today is going to be about some of my favourite authors. Our lovely Sheri has done her top ten´s and I am not doing that. I am not sure I have ten favs. We have to wait and see what I come up with. Oh, is it bad of me that I haven´t read any book of Mr Flemming?


The first one I am going to mention is my first ever read. The one and only Astrid Lindgren, Sweden´s most famous children´s author. Remember her? Mio min Mio, Emil I Lönneberga, Ronja Rövardotter, Madicken, Pippi Långstrump? I think you call Pippi – Pippi Longstocking, the others I don´t have a clue what they are called in English. Sorry for that but if you read Astrid you know who I talk about anyway. Sadly I can´t remember which book was my first but I loved Ronja, Mio and Bröderna Lejonhjärta. They always got into fun adventures and I was stuck at home, with my normal family.


Next one have to be Enid Blyton. I so wanted to be George in The Famous Five. I reread those books a lot in my teen years. Wishing and hoping that I would magically end up in one of the books. Ms Blyton put more logs on the fire that Mrs Lindgren started, I wanted to write that kind of stories. The kind that transported the reader into the world in your books. What I didn´t know then, but do know now, is that Ms Blyton wrote a lot of books. And I mean a lot!! If I get out half as much books during my life time, as she did during a year, I will be happy..


Mr Stephen King needs no introduction. He is the master of horror and he was the first one letting me know that I was not alone in this world with weird thoughts and dreams. Mr King made it cool to have strange thoughts. Sadly I still didn´t get the hint of writing my own books. I was the storyteller, you know the one you find in front of the fire telling stories to get food and shelter for the night. The fire started to burn higher though.


The woman who showed me how love should be was the one and only Dame Barbara Cartland! Yeah, she made me think I needed a lord of the manor to find happiness. I forgive her though, she gave me a lot of nice reading time during my years. She still do, yepp, I still have some of her books in my collection. Those I would not let go, no matter what.


I like my books including some form of magic. This author filled her books with magic from the first page to the last. Ms J.K. Rowling, yes I read books for kids or teens as well. I am still a kid at heart and I need to know that there is magic in the world. She got kids reading like no one before her ever had and I am in awe of her.


Now we have the woman of all writers, in my opinion that is, Ms Diana Gabaldon!! She have given me more enjoyment since 1997 than any other author have. She have brought me joy, sorrow, horror and love during most of my life. This is the person I trust to give me more every books she release. I don´t remember how many times I have reread her books. This year 2014, her first book Outlander was turned into a TV series. Book two is going to be season two of the series. It is interesting to see all “my” people come to life on the screen. Still I can see my Jamie and Claire in my head, some of my friends see the TV version now when they read the books.


I still dream of being an author that sells a lot of books and give readers hours of enjoyment. The dream of making it into the big league is alive and kicking, some day maybe. The truth though is that if I can make a living out of writing books I would be in heaven.


And considering that the wenches are writing on a new anthology who knows?

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  1. We share some of the same loves. I love Enid Blyton. I have tried in vain to get each of my children to read her books but they just aren’t interested. I will try again if I ever get grandkids.

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