When the muse shows up, don’t ignore her.

As a writer I go through periods of blockage. Times when no matter how much I NEED to be writing, it just won’t happen. So I try to force it. I sit down every day no matter what. But lately all that had been happening was I would stare at my screen and get a headache. Because the story I have been working on for the past year is just..well, nothing. I have no desire to finish it. Despite my grand plan to get it finished and sent off to editing so I could do a stack release this year. And that is the thing about grand plans, I suck at them. I try to make a yearly plan that is fluid enough that allows for things that pop up, but I wasn’t planning on not finishing this story. I’m more than sixty thousand words into it, but damned if the magic isn’t gone.

And then, this story idea pops up, a lady living in a tiny house. (hence the bus as a house featured image) Out of the freaking blue. Clamoring for all my attention. I fought it though. I would not give in. I would finish my WIP (work in progress, for those not in the know). So I continued to sit there and stare at my computer screen with no words coming. Zero. For a week. So I gave in. I started with just notes for the new story idea. That was all I was going to do, just notes. Well, just notes turned into almost eight thousand words over two days. And I feel energized again. Like writing isn’t work, but what I love. And damned if that isn’t a great feeling.

So I guess giving in was the right thing to do. I’ve learned to listen to the cues that the universe gives me. I’ll never ignore the muse again. Now when I turn on the laptop, I don’t just stare at the screen. I write. And there are no headaches.

A short and sweet blog post today, because I’m off to write. Have a great day 🙂


Sheri Williams Author Pic Sheri Williams is a suffer of Author Multiple Personality Disorder. Writer of the sexy and the scary. She’s currently not finishing her second in a series of Fairytale Romances, instead she’s writing a contemporary romance that is just the perfect mix of sexy and sweet.


The featured image was found at: http://www.creativespotting.com/2015/06/couple-transforms-a-big-yellow-school-bus-into-a-nice-tiny-house/#arvlbdata

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