Writing and babysitting kids is not easy.

So I am babysitting my godchildren tonight, it´s a sleepover and they arrived at 3pm, and my plans kind of skydived into a mess. I was supposed to write and take a bath when they fell asleep. It was a good plan and it would have work if the kid number two, the girl, didn´t stay awake until 8:40 – 8:45. She is six years and has a stressed bladder, according to the doctor, which makes her run to the bathroom gazillion times before she falls asleep. Kid number one came out and said he couldn’t sleep, I changed the music and let him sleep in the couch, five minutes later he was sleeping like a baby.

Now, when I write this it is 22:45 and I have yet to get words down, this blog post does count but will not get my next story finished, and still not bath. Tomorrow when the kidlets get picked up by their mom, maybe a little later than that since she probably want to talk a bit, I will get my bath. Hopefully the inspiration and the words will find me when I´m alone and have the time to do it.

What are my plans for 2015? Well, finish the story for the writing wrenches’ next anthology, write 365K words and publish two books. So you see, I need writing time. Especially since I have not made my 1000 words a day. And in May I will not have the time to write much, I am going to Scotland to meet lots of new friends. If you read my very first blog post you know I have a group of pen pals that I met through facebook and the love of a book series called Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. This year I will get to meet some of them for the first time since we wrote the first letter back in February 2014. I will be busy pretty much half of May, writing needs to take place way before that and in truckloads so that I can do nothing with a light heart.

This is the shortest post I have done here, I have missed two times and I blame it on that I have sometimers. Not Alzheimer’s but sometimers since I sometimes remember. The reason it´s short is the late time and I have to get up early with the kidlets, don´t have time to make it longer. My beauty sleep is needed if I´m going to survive the wakeup before the sun gets up.

Oh, I bow in awe for all my writing friends that have kidlets 24/7 and still finds time to get the writing done.

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  1. This is a very funny post. Me, I will ignore the husband, the daughter-from-another-mother (stepdaughter), dinner and cleaning in order to get my 2000 words a day completed. I am very focused and determined when I decide to get something done and short of a natural disaster, house fire or death, ain’t nothin’ gonna stop me from writing.

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