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Hey there! It is once again time to let y’all in to the minds of us wenches. Every month or so we do a writing prompt. One of our fearless leaders picks a picture and lets us have a go. We’ve had fun with these in the past but this one I am sharing with you today is one of the silliest yet. I hope you enjoy. And laugh. I did. A lot. The tear’s streaming down my face I feel like I’m about to hyperventilate kind of laugh.  It’s a great time had by all. So here it goes.

A new writing prompt based on the picture above.

He knew the abandoned building held the fairies’ home. Now, if he could just find one to help his dad. He stepped lightly trying hard to not disrupt anything that might be sleeping in the blanket of green that covered the once grey stone floor. As he looked up the sweeping staircase he couldn’t help but be startled.

“Batman, what are you doing here?”  His black lab came loping down the stairs, almost knocking him down.

“Did you follow me, boy?” He said scratching behind the ears of his best and only friend.

“Help me find her, I know she’s here and we need her help.” The two of them headed for the back of the long hall. A tree had sprouted there and he thought it was his best bet to find the queen of the faeries.

Batman walked silently behind them, “what am I freaking invisible? I mean I know its my M.O as a creature of the night and crime fighter to be invisible but come on. This is ridiculous.” The man turned around abruptly, “I know you’re there. I stopped believing you were real almost 20 years ago. Why do you still haunt me?”

The caped figure replied,”I am a part of you, a part of your past. You want to be the hero, you need to be the hero. Let this part of us take over for a while,” said his alter ego the man had been trying to suppress.

His voice deepens on its own accord, “who needs a fairy when I can save him myself”

Just then a green fairy flitted into his direct line of sight. “Don’t underestimate the power of fairy dust in your crusade,dark knight.”

The spirit inside him warred with his need to reach out and touch the fairy. They did exist. His father’s life may yet be saved!

At his gentle stroke to her tiny face, she said,” you may call me Robin.”

“How fitting” he said with satisfaction. Maybe there was a creature on this earth that could understand him.

She fitted over and landed on his shoulder. “How can I help you?”

Memorized by the faeries beauty, he stood silent. She nearly blushed under the intensity of his gaze, but instead, spoke louder so he may hear her. “Sir, how can I assist you? You are in need of my help, yes?”

“Yes. I am looking for Misti, queen of the fairies. I was told she had a special power that could save my father. Do you know where I can find her?”

Hearing the name, the faerie pursed her tiny pink lips, and fluttered back and forth in a chaotic pattern in front of his face. Finally, she shook her head. “No, I cannot show you. She is not well. You should go. Go, immediately. You are not safe here. I am not safe talking to you.” She started to fly away, but he yelled for her to stop and the urgency in his voice halted her flight. She turned back as he whispered, “Please help. I need to find Misti, well or not.”

“I cannot guarantee she will answer, but I will call to her. Misti , Misti please come. This man needs your help, for his father is ill and will surely perish!”

Rock grunted with stress as the stone floor sunk revealing a stairway into the darkness. The man with the spirit inside him stared down into the darkness, his faithful dog whining in fear.

“It’s her, I can feel my queens presence. She is close.”

Misti stood illuminated in the darkness, her skin an incandescent blue. He realized she was unable to fly, her wings broken, half of one looked to have been torn off.

He stopped on the second to last step. Bowing down before her, “Your Majesty.”

Robin also bowed then excused herself as she had to tend to the youglings. “I shall leave you now. Good luck.”

Still bowing down he noticed her feet were bloody as well. Something was definitely wrong

And Robin returns, “my mistress queen has advised me telepathically that she is fine and not to worry, but we will need to carry on without her for the moment. For she must attend her other duties and the king. Let us search for another to help us in this quest until the queen is free.” The queen smiles at Robin, thankful for the reprieve.

He turns to leave when the queen calls out “wait!” He can tell it pains her to move as she reaches into a satchel that hangs around her waist.

“Take this. It will let all know that you have my favor.” With those parting words she disappeared leaving a trail of blue smoke.

“Great, now I look like a hipster,” he thinks.


As always I will say that I did not alter any of the actual posts to give you this lovely blog. I did fix the odd spelling mistake but other than that this is how we actually think. Scared yet?


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