Writing what you know

Ever since I decided to take the journey to writing novels I’ve been hearing the saying that writers should write what they know. What does that mean exactly? I am a very introverted person and I love books and quality time with my family. Does that mean I shouldn’t create a character who likes to go out? A character who is energetic, fun and lives doing new things?

Honestly, I believe that is foolish to think that a writer can’t write outside of what he or she knows. There are plenty of things that have occurred in my life that can give me stories for years to come. However, what about those people you meet or see in passing? The little things in life that spark an idea.

Then begs the question of those who write in the fantasy, dystopia and horror genre. Most of these stories are based around an imaginative idea and blossoms into stories.

As a writer who wants to write horror one day, does that mean I shouldn’t because I didn’t experience certain things? I love where books take me. The romance novels that I am picturing the characters and rooting for their relationship to make it. Those flawed characters who are trying to put their own path into the world like the young adult world. So, I say to those who says write what you know, I will write what I please and hopefully I write something so good that I will place someone else in my mind and what I envisioned.

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